The Murder of Mr. Crow 2.2 Rickard (78.59 KB)
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A two page parlor game that takes place right in the moment where the detective has gathered all suspects in the same room, and is about to reveal the murderer. The fun is to, by collaborating with your friends, experience how a murder mystery grows through playing out dialogues. Be sure to also check out the fan made version that takes place in after either one of the world wars: The Woodperry Murder.

They have done a Play by Forum over at Gameboard Geek. You can find a summary of a game session there as well as a write-up of the rules suited for PbF.

Parallel Lives also talks about the game in their last episode in season one.

Plutonen Simon (185.11 KB)
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Imagine 1 Rickard (210.6 KB)
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Imagine will create a feeling shared by all participants as they explore the hopes and memories of fictive people. This is a game for those who wants to experience collaborative storytelling based on a conflict-free environment, and getting immensely immersed in the fiction. It's a four page rulebook for at least an one hour long gaming session.